Photographed with and without flash – Opel Oldtimer Pictures

Photographed with and without flash – Opel Oldtimer Pictures

In the picture gallery of you will find photos of Opel classic cars from all eras. If you have a few old pictures of Opel classic cars yourself, we look forward to every email with a corresponding scan. And now have fun with our Opel oldtimer pictures.

But that is … – exactly, the fire red playmobile.
A converted 62 Opel Blitz, who was brought back from Africa earlier this year.

Until the next trip into the countryside – like here with an Opel Olympia Rekord (P1) – it may still take time. Keep up!

The Opel Olympia was the first mass-produced car with a self-supporting all-steel body

One of the few still existing Opel Diplomat A in coupe version – a dream

An Opel Kapitän on an astonishingly empty street in Paris

Convertible sedans like this Opel Olymoia Rekord would certainly sell well today

Who after 1945 owned a pre-war cadet (here one from the Berlin occupation zone), could consider himself lucky

An Opel Kapitän P 2,6 at the big meet cruising in Vasteras, Sweden

An Opel 1,2 Liter special sedan from the year 1934

An Opel Ascona B in rally version. After all, Walter Röhrl was world champion on Ascona B.

An Opel Blitz, which had to be repaired after an accident

Very nice Opel Kapitän, sent in by user Stefan

An Opel Rekord C and its proud owner, very contemporary with a hat

An Opel Olympia record, made fine for a wedding

This beautiful Opel Rekord A Cabrio took part in the Hamburg-Berlin rally this weekend. A real eye-catcher!

An Opel Kadett B, who came onto the guardrail after a collision and then fell on the roof. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries.

An Opel Diplomat B, that's just plain cool. Really well made and stylishly modified.

Practice early, what an Opel classic car lover wants to be. Here an Opel Kadett B is happy to have some maintenance.

In this photo from Stefan from Regensburg (many thanks!) you can see an Opel Kadett, like him 1939 and 1940 exactly 107.608 times was built

Just 347 times built: Opel Diplomat A Coupe

A very nice Opel P4 as a convertible sedan

An Opel Kapitän after a severe accident with a rollover

A beautiful Opel Rekord C convertible from Deutsch, on a limousine basis, well 80 to 110 times built

An Opel Olympia record from the last year of production 1957

With the taxi version of the Opel Kapitän, Opel made great competition with Mercedes-Benz. Few survived.

The Opel Rekord P1 was very popular at the time and quite suitable for a wedding car

An Opel GT, unfortunately not entirely original, but definitely an eye-catcher.

An Opel Rekord C, total more than 1,2 My. times built

An Opel Diplomat B, converted to a pick-up. Kind of cool, but somehow also a shame about the diplo

The Opel Rekord A offered a lot of cars for the money

The Opel Design Study Geneve from 1975. Damage, that it was not enough for series production.

An Opel 2 Liters of 1936

An Opel 4/20 PS from 1929 and two enthusiastic Steppkes

Good mood in the Opel Kapitän thanks to the large folding roof

One of only 347 (or 304??) built Opel Diplomat A Coupe

A cold-formed Opel Olympia, which was only good as a part donor

A Manta with an Ascona front – not necessarily nicer, but rarely

An Opel Rekord C Coupe

An Opel Rekord A convertible conversion, seen at the fair in Bremen

A “slightly modified” Opel Admiral A

An Opel Blitz, which served as a racing transporter.

100.00 km in the Opel Olympia Rekord – an achievement back then, which contributed to the good Opel image

Design study for the Opel Manta B

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